Vmware horizon 7 licensing faq

This is done through a single platform, which simplifies desktop administration and operations, and enhances user experience.

vmware horizon 7 licensing faq

The user enjoys a consistent and responsive experience across devices and locations, while maintaining IT-approved levels of customization. JMP is composed of the following VMware technologies:. JMP allows components of a desktop or RDSH server to be decoupled and managed independently in a centralized manner, yet reconstituted on demand to deliver a personalized user workspace when needed.

JMP is supported with both on-premises and cloud-based Horizon 7 deployments, providing a unified and consistent management platform regardless of your deployment topology. This tutorial is provided to help you evaluate Horizon 7. Subsequent chapters contain exercises to guide you through the basic installation and initial configuration processes, and to explore key features and benefits.

Note : This tutorial is designed for evaluation purposes only. It uses the minimum required resources for a basic deployment and does not explore every feature. Do not use this evaluation environment as a template for a production environment. For information beyond the considerations of this tutorial, see VMware Horizon 7 Documentation. This tutorial is intended for IT administrators, architects, engineers, and product evaluators who want to install Horizon 7 and deploy a VDI environment.

Both current and new users can benefit from using this tutorial. Familiarity with other technologies is also helpful, including networking and storage in a virtual environment, Active Directory, identity management, directory services, and RSA SecurID. VMware Horizon 7 is a centralized desktop virtualization solution that enables organizations to deliver virtualized desktop services and applications to end users from centralized VMware vSphere servers.

Horizon 7 has advantages for both end users and IT administrators. End users are no longer restricted to one specific machine, and can access their system and files across supported devices and locations. As an IT administrator, you can use Horizon 7 to simplify and automate the management of desktops and applications, and you can securely deliver desktops as a service to users from a central location.

You can quickly create virtual desktops on demand based on location and profile. A single administration console provides detailed levels of control, allowing you to customize the end-user experience, access, and personalization to support corporate policy.

End users get a familiar, personalized environment that they can access from any number of devices anywhere throughout the enterprise or from remote locations. And as an administrator, you have centralized control, efficiency, and security by storing desktop data in the data center.

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Horizon 7 is available in three editions—Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise—plus a Linux option. Each edition builds successively on the ones before, extending the capabilities with additional components and products. You can use the VMware Horizon 7 Edition Selector tool to help determine which edition is best for your enterprise. This edition includes Dynamic Environment Manager, for managing applications and Windows environment settings.

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Dynamic Environment Manager can manage applications installed in the base image of a virtual desktop machine or RDSH server, and it can manage applications provided by VMware App Volumes. App Volumes delivers applications that are not in the master VM image. Application containers, called AppStacks, are assigned to a user, group, OU, or machine and mounted each time the user logs in to a desktop.

With this strategy, user changes can persist between sessions. App Volumes can also provide user-writable volumes, which allow users to install their own applications and have those applications follow the user as they connect to different virtual desktops. VMware vSphere is a suite of virtualization products that provides a scalable platform for running virtual desktops and applications. The VMware vSphere Web Client is a browser-based application that you can use to configure the host and to operate its virtual machines.You want to virtualize your desktop infrastructure and become a more agile, flexible, and efficient organization.

At the time of purchase, it is required by VMware to purchase either a 1 year or 3 year support term. I would highly recommend Production support for first time VDI users. VDI is a difficult solution to stand up and simple misconfiguration can cause less than stellar performance, which can lead to unhappy users and a boss asking why you spent a substantial amount of money on an underperforming solution.

If your ready to move to the private cloud, MicroAge can help. Email our solutions team to set up a meeting and learn how we can take the risk and the hassle out of your move to the cloud. Press enter to begin your search. No Comments. Reading Time: 3 minutes. Concurrent Connection User — This option is best for virtual environments with a high number of users who share machines throughout the day, such as students and shift workers.

A concurrent connection is defined as the total number of users accessing or using the software at any given time to maintain an Active Connection to their workspace or desktop through an endpoint device. Named User — This option is best for virtual environments with staff that require dedicated access to a virtual machine throughout the day. Step 2 What suite is best suited to provide the user experience and feature set that I want?

Step 3 Will I be using dedicated infrastructure compute for the VDI environment or a shared infrastructure?

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This is ideal for environments that will be running mixed workloads i. Step 4 What type of support do I need for this environment? Ready to make your next move? Email us. How to decide for your remote workplace. Share Tweet Share Pin. What We Do. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.I've been asked to pose a question about the limitations of View licensing by our desktop team and what they are allowed to run. Currently we have the following licences:. My understanding is that this is not permitted and they would require a separate vCenter instance to manage this ESXi cluster and VMs.

We have spare Enterprise Plus licences, which could be assigned to the new ESXi cluster, but I suspect that it would still not be permitted to run under the "vCenter Server 6 Standard for Horizon" vCenter instance. Can anyone clarify on the issue? It will probably be hard to get a "authoritative" answer in these forums so if you need it in writing contact your local VMware Salesrep and ask them to send it up the chain. This document appears to be official, and may provide some clarity on the vSphere side not so much on the vCenter side :.

In a Horizon Virtual Desktop environment, vSphere Desktop can be used to power virtual desktops, as well as the underlying infrastructure for the VDI environment. Examples include the connection server, security server, active directory, monitoring tools and other infrastructure directly related to and exclusive to the VDI environment.

Storage servers, for example, would not be included. Thank you both. Technically the use of VMs for testing SCCM packaging does not fall under supporting VDI, and so this information was sufficient to convince management that it would be better for a clean separation of services into two vCenter environments.

Your statement regarding Storage servers is not quite true. I agree that your statement regarding storage servers makes sense, if used exclusively for the VDI environment. The paragraph in question, mentioning storage servers, is directly from the licensing FAQ document that was included in my reply. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

vmware horizon 7 licensing faq

Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Thank you. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. Show 5 replies. Horizon suite comes with VMware Workstation, which can be used for packaging. Go to original post. Retrieving data Correct Answers - 10 points.

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View Connection Server.I would like to deploy Horizon-based RDS Application publishing platform on 3 servers, but i'am not fully understand vmware licence policy. And it is per socket, CPU? Horizon license doesn't include any ESXi licenses. These are separated bought.

Vmware licensing model

You will buy vSphere for Horizon licenses and this is for the number of desktops you intend to deploy. Also, if using application publishing, you will require Microsoft RDS licenses for the number of users that will be using the published application. Hope this helps.

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This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. Show 4 replies. My bad. I take my statement back. I overlooked few details. Nice catch. Go to original post. Retrieving data Correct Answers - 10 points.VMware Cloud on AWS provides you consistent and interoperable infrastructure and services between VMware-based datacenters and the AWS cloud, which minimizes the complexity and associated risks of managing diverse environments.

Service life for the single host SDDC is limited to day intervals only. Each host is equivalent to an Amazon EC2 I3.

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Each host is capable of running many VMware Virtual Machines tens to hundreds depending on their compute, memory and storage requirements. Clusters can range from a minimum 3 hosts up to a maximum of 16 hosts per cluster.

With vSphere 6. No conversion or modification is necessary. You can use the same management tools you use today.

vmware horizon 7 licensing faq

It is important to note that tools that require plug-ins or extensive vSphere permissions may not function properly in VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS uses a least privilege security model in which you and therefore their tools do not have full administrative access.

You will need vSphere version 6. If you do not have VMware vSphere 6.

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Each host is an Amazon EC2 I3. These hosts have dual 2. Is the underlying EC2 infrastructure hosting ESXi dedicated to each customer or is it a shared, multi-tenant infrastructure? VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure runs on dedicated, single-tenant bare metal infrastructure for each customer. Storage per host ranges from 15 to 35 TB in increments of 5 TB.

User chooses amount of storage desired and used on all hosts within the cluster. You have the flexibility to create specific policies catering to your application needs, including RAID levels, checksum, object space reservation, and IOPS limit. You can apply these policies at the individual vdisk level, or you can choose the default vSAN Datastore policy for simplicity.

Starting now, customer data at rest will be natively encrypted by vSAN. What provisions are available to rotate the keys? This process is called rekey. All existing clusters in M4 will be migrated to M5. As part of migration, encryption shall be turned on for all existing clusters. All new clusters will be provisioned with encryption turned on by default.

The compute network handles network traffic for your workload VMs. The compute gateway CGW provides connectivity for all workload virtual machines.Welcome to the Horizon universal license page. This landing page provides useful information on our new universal license and includes links to product documentation and download pages.

The Horizon universal license provides a single subscription license for all Horizon products. The universal license entitles customers to:. The license only entitles customers to Horizon Cloud and Horizon 7 subscription software. VMware Horizon Service is a cloud service offering hosted by VMware that enables the delivery of virtual desktops and applications to end users on any device, anywhere.

This second email includes information on how to download and install Horizon 7 and the Cloud Connector. Customers are entitled to VMware Support with the purchase of Horizon 7 subscription or Horizon Cloud with the universal license. Please work with VMware Support or your account team to address any questions you have regarding the universal license and your entitlements.

What is the Horizon universal license? How does the universal license affect existing customers? The Cloud Connector is required to access the cloud control plane from your Horizon 7 subscription deployment. For information on how to utilize the Cloud Connector, please refer to the Resources section below. What can new customers expect to see? Refer to the entitlements at the top of the page. The Welcome email that customers receive includes information on where to access software downloads and documentation for Horizon Cloud and Horizon 7 subscription.

Where can customers get help? Learn and Evaluate. Install and Deploy.We are having Horizon view 7 in our environment. All are linked clone machines with dedicated assignment and users will get the same desktop when relogin.

We are planning to deploy additional 50 more VDI machines with the same image. My question is that How the office licensing will work in VDI enviroment? Do we need Office license for each desktop that we provisioned?

What is the best approach for Office licensing in VDI environment? If i create office thinapp will this help? With little information I have, it does not matter whether it is VDI or thin app, license remains unchanged. Since your existing licensing are working same way or you are simply expanding your environment, is it not as simple as buying additional Office license. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Any CCU license available for Office ?

Appreciate your help. Regards Ansar. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. Show 1 reply. Licensing can be addressed by Microsoft. Retrieving data Correct Answers - 10 points.

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