Toilet pan collar bend

Which are the best Pan Collar connections for toilet suites. Sunday, 18 June, by. Sewerage leaks are a health and environmental hazard. Pan Collars are used to make a tight seal between the toilet suite outlet and the sewerage drainage system.

To get a tight seal, the outlet for the toilet suite must align precisely with your pan collar. This is not always possible for a number of reasons. Therefore, offset pan collars can be used to help align the toilet suite outlet with the sewerage drainage pipe.

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There are 3 standard types of pan collars. They are straight pan collars, 20mm offset pan collars and 40mm offset pan collars. Straight pan collars, for toilet connections, work well as sewerage flows through them without any restrictions.

However, they do not allow for any margin of error. Straight pan collars are available in glue in and finned styles.

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The finned stiles are good because they can easily be repaired or replaced. This is because they allow for some margin of error without causing any significant restriction to the flow of sewer from your toilet suite. Our experience has shown that most 40mm offset pan collars such as pan collar 4 and 5 will cause toilet suites to regularly block.

This is because toilet paper and faecal matter gets caught in the offset. Long radius 40mm offset pan collars such as pan collar 3 work better. However, installation of pan collars such as 3, require that you chop into the concrete slab or sealed floor to get the pan collar low enough for the pan to sit hard on the floor. Chopping into sealed floors and slabs is not advisable as this will negate your water proofing warranties. If you have an issues with a blocked or leaking toilet give Canberra Plumbing Repairs a call to get expert plumbers in Canberra and Queanbeyan to help today.

Pan Collar connections for toilet suites Which are the best Pan Collar connections for toilet suites Sunday, 18 June, by. Straight Pan Collars Straight pan collars, for toilet connections, work well as sewerage flows through them without any restrictions.

Latest News.The compact shape adds a further 55mm more flexibility when installing a toilet suite with an S configuration. For any product related related questions that your preferred merchant cannot answer, email us on dux dux. At Dux, we are committed to providing the best customer service, and each team member is fully trained to help you with any questions you have about any of our products and services.

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Pan Connectors. A straight connector for simple connection where both pan outlet and sewer inlet are in-line. This connector is adjustable Remove finned seal and cut to required length using a fine tooth saw.

Suitable for Life back to wall toilet suites requiring an S connection. Suitable for most back to wall toilet suites requiring an S connection. Forms to any angle. Stretches up to mm. Find out more about our products, promotions and industry events — simply join here. Please leave this blank. Contact Us. Dux operates nationally and has a representative in your area.

If you are human, leave this field blank.Question from Steve Webster, via e-mail. The WC pans are old in that their are no push on pan connectors — the WC pans have a china S-trap as part of the pan and these are cemented directly into the collar of a clay drain at floor level.

The collar is obviously wider than the diameter of the clay pipe. Answer from Steve Harris, technical services engineer at Wavin. The china pipe from the pan will sit loosely in the clay collar.

The china does not actually penetrate into the soil waste pipe but just sits within the collar and is sealed with cement around it. Option 1 Break the old WC pan out around the S bend at the back of the WC pan so you just have part of the collar of the china pan outlet still in situ in the drain.

Want to know how to remove old toilet pans?

Tap with a hammer at the top of the S bend until it breaks. At this point you should be able to break the remainder of the china out from the concrete surrounding it internally with a small chisel. Make sure you put a bag down the drain to catch any broken china bits. Option 2 This is the option to use if you wish to keep the WC pans and they are not cemented to the floor!

You will have to break the cement collar around the pan again with a small chisel. Once the cement is removed, the WC pan will come freely away from the drain. You will probably find the WC pan has not been drilled to the floor but cemented on the base. If this is the case, you will have to smash the pan to remove it anyway. In some cases if the floor is to be re-tiled etc the top of the collar will have to be broken away anyway, particularly if the floor is to be retiled.

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Just be careful not to drop debris down the drain or crack the clay drain pipe below the level of the new pan connector fitting when breaking away the china pieces. Home Ask The Expert Want to know how to remove old toilet pans? Ask The Expert. There are two ways to remove the WC pan: Option 1 Break the old WC pan out around the S bend at the back of the WC pan so you just have part of the collar of the china pan outlet still in situ in the drain.

When will salesmen be realistic regarding boiler efficiency? Clicking noise from Ri gas boiler, could it be a relay problem? Getting noise from an Aztec heater.

Where should the expansion vessel be fitted? Building Regulations G3 — does this affect a like for like What lies beneath?If you have noticed a bad smell coming from your toilet or bathroom and it comes and goes… more than likely its a leaking toilet waste pipe rubber or pan connector rubber known in the trade.

Some times when the waste pipe rubber is worn and which is often called toilet pan connector rubber it can leak water when the toilet is flushed and the gases from the main sewer line which is methane back into the room. Below I will explain on how to test and replace these toilet pan connectors on both a P trap and S trap toilet.

With a P Trap toilet which is the type that goes through the wall will show up more of a leak from a perished pan connector seal than an S Trap. P Trap toilet pan test- Make sure that the toilet tank is full for this test. Look and feel with your hand for any water escaping from around the seal or if you have any food color die can help to.

Pan Connector - 20mm Offset - (White) - Waste - Plumbing

As above can add some food color die to help see if there are any leaks but as said above the S Trap is harder to pick up any leaks. You are relying more on a visual look at the rubber seal to see if any water is leaking out but more to see if the rubber seal is perished and letting methane gases escape back into the room.

Now that we know the difference between a p trap and s trap toilet pan and how to test to see or know if we have a leaking toilet waste pipe.

How to install a close-coupled toilet

Below is a step by step procedure on how I do this job and how you should do it and what not to do as well. To replace the pan connector rubber seal you will need to remove the toilet pan from its location. This can be a job in its self as toilets are either screwed and silicon down to the floor or concreted down.

If concreted down then you will have to replace the pan as there non-reusable once they have been concreted down. These steps are for low, mid and high-level toilets and may vary depending on which toilet suite you have but the principle will all be the same. Turn the water off at the toilet stop valve to stop water going to the toilet tank cistern. When off push the buttons down on the tank to drain the tank out from all the water. Depending on the installer they can be star drive or flat drive screws and should be either brass or stainless.

Some installers only silicon down the pans and cut the heads off the screws and silicon them in where the holes are to look like there screwed down so if you are trying to remove a screw and keeps spinning that be what it is then. Install the new one and place the retainer ring back on. That is as easy as it is to replace the toilet pan seal rubber. Toilets need to be fixed down on a flat and level floor if not it will crack or worse be on a lean.All these lazy and incompetent plumbers should all be executed.

They can't even handle their main occupation well. The same can be said for contractors in other fields.

toilet pan collar bend

Reading this makes my blood boil, there is so much problem with my renovation. Yes - and I'm sorry you're going through renovation problems. But only from genuine ppl who went thro the entire reno with the said vendor s bcoz many put up false recommendations to entice business. Actually I don't recommend using cement. The plumber should use silicone as it is easily removed later with a sharp knife should you need to.

toilet pan collar bend

I already commented about this in my posts, but some still do not check the following if that's the problem: Check and see if the water level in the toilet bowl covers the "S" bend.

Many do not realize that sometimes when they poured water into the bowl the force of the rushing and swirling water down the tube "sucked" the water level below the "S" bend. That resulted in a water gap that allows air from inside the large sewage pipe to enter and foul up the air in the bathroom. So make sure the water trap level in the bowl is at normal level by using the toilet flush. God bless. Post a Comment Hi, thanks for your comments.

While I will strive to answer all your queries please be patient as I am overwhelmed at work.

toilet pan collar bend

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How to Rid Smell in Toilet. Today a new plumber came to re-install my toilet bowl. I had complained of a stench coming from the toilet bowl, particularly from AM and around pm, coinciding with the time when most residents on the upper floors use their toilet.

Obviously something was very wrong with the installation. Posted by GreenCoal. Labels: How-Totoilet installtoilet smell. February 27, at PM Anonymous said March 21, at PM GreenCoal said March 24, at AM Anonymous said Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags.

Rubber behind the toilet sprung a leak - can I fix it by myself? What is it called and how do you replace it? Does the whole toilet need to be taken out? If your 'gasket' is a sort of flexible rubber pipe, then in the UK these are called pan connectors no idea what they're called elsewhere. Sometimes there's an extra rubber piece between the toilet and the pipe usually an offset connector.

This is also easy to replace. Replacing these things is generally very straightforward and cheap. They don't tend to fail very often. Whether you have to move the toilet out will depend on how much access you have to the existing pan connector. Often this too is quite easy, and involves unscrewing a pair of screws on either side of the toilet that anchor it to the floor.

These usually screw into brackets attached to the floor, so when moving the toilet, you may have to lift it over the brackets. Also, check the cold water pipe where it attaches to the cistern - usually it's a flexible pipe, allowing the toilet to be moved around, but sometimes you'll need to shut off the water to this pipe at the valve and unscrew it before moving the toilet. Oh, and keep old towels and a jug handy, just in case something goes wrong.

And a bag for the old connector, as it's inclined to be a little bit, well, dirty. Oh, also the gasket may just be part of the pan connector, where it joins the toilet some types do have a gasket. You'd still replace the whole pan connector though. Hi - This is a very old system - it's basically a rubber seal that directly connects the porcelain to the PVC pipe - like this Question is would I need to remove the entire toilet to remove the old one or could I get away popping the PVC pipe from out of the old one, removing the old gasket, putting on a new one and popping the PVC pipe back into place without disturbing the toilet seat from the floor.

The answer is totally dependent on how much freedom the PVC pipe has to move. You will have to move it out of the gasket, replace the rubber gasket, and refit the pipe. Unless you can move the pipe mm back, the pan will have to come off. You will need to assess exactly how much easier cutting the pipe will make the job, preferably before making the cut! It may not be age that has caused this problem, some cleaning products can rot the rubber quickly - don't ask me how I know this, or how to replace the gasket Wor I'll try to wiggle the PVC free and see how that goes.

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