Scooter cvt transmission parts

Nowadays any scooter is equipped by a CVT transmission. Literally CVT stands for continuos variable transmission and in fact this kind of transmission offers the possibility to vary in a continuous and automatic way the transmission ratio.

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Such a device is nothing more than a progressive gearbox able to develop a continuous rangeand therefore infiniteof gear ratio between a minimum and a maximum, established at the design stage. The variation of the gear ratio in this case is thus not gradual but continuous. It is as if, time by time, we have two wheels which mesh between thembut the diameter of which varies continuously as a function of the transmission ratio required to overcome the external resistances that the vehicle encounters slopesvariations in weight and so on.

Each pulley is made up of two plates with a conical profilefacing each other so as to constitute a throat on which it wraps the transmission belt. Of the two plates, one is fixed while the other is free to move axially. At each displacement of the scooter variator there is a variation of the diameter of the pulleypassing from the point of maximum approach larger diameter to the point of maximum distance smaller diameter.

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To cause such a displacement in the scooter variatorthere are rollers, which due to the centrifugal forcethey run inside special guides formed on the scooter variator. The variation in the diameter of the drive pulley then generates the variation of the transmission ratio and then, the elongation or the shortening of the belt, which for this, acts on the driven pulley by moving the mobile plate which is kept pressed against the fixed one, thanks to the force exerted by an adjuster spring.

By varying both the rollers acting on the plate of the drive pulleyand the stiffness of the spring that presses the plates of the driven pulleyyou will understand how easy it is to change the behavior of the transmission. The aim of the project is precisely the modeling and simulation of the transmission of a modern average engine capacity scooter to understand the actual operation and the role played by the various components that constitute it.

Not having found in the various sites of the sector, a 3Dcad-model of a CVT transmissions for scooter, the first step was to model the transmission from the beginning.

In order not to make the discussion too tedious, I will not explain in detail how you model the various components making up the transmission but I will just list them by attaching their images. The first step was to create the front fixed half-pulley and the scooter variator that are then keyed to the drive shaft.

scooter cvt transmission parts

The second step was instead to create the fixed half-pulley and the torque driver which are then keyed in the driven shaft. From the point of view of the simulation what is important are the angles of the inclination of the various pulleys and therefore the torque driver and the fixed half-pulley rear coincide from the geometrical point of view. In addition to the basic components listed above, have been modeled the limit of the adjuster spring, the axle and a wheel model downloaded from GrabCAD Site required to be able to assign the low inertia of the entire vehicle.

scooter cvt transmission

Without going further into the discussion, once assembled the various components by imposing the proper constraints, we obtain the following configuration:. First, to the drive shaft is applied the following torque variable with trend similar to a real engine:. As seen in the section concerning the modeling were not modeled the rollers.

scooter cvt transmission parts

This is because the actual opening of the scooter variator due to the centrifugal force exerted by the rollers is simulated by simply applying a force acting on the scooter variator that varies proportionally with the square of the angular speed of the drive shaft. Thanks to the friction force that will be born between belt and pulleys, the belt drag in rotation the driven shaft.

Then, the fundamental point is the definition of the belt and the adjuster spring that will serve to counter the opening of the driven pulley. The data obtained from analyses carried out with Virtual. Transmission Ratio in function of the inclination angle of the pulleys. As can be seen from the diagramsmaller is the inclination angle of the half-pulleyssteeper is the half-pulleysmore rapidly changes the transmission ratio.

This means that the scooter will go from a short ratio to a long quickly. Is very clear that the angle of inclination of the pulleys plays an important role.Shop now. Join now. Learn more. Cobra Transmission specializes in providing high quality automatic and manual transmission parts, transfer case parts and hard parts for domestic and foreign front wheel, rear wheel, 4x4, and all-wheel drive vehicles. We are committed to you and all your transmission needs. We offer transmission rebuild kits, fitlers, brake bands, bearings, bushings, washers, sprockets, chains, gears, shafts, forks, shift kits, technical manuals, torque converters, solenoids, drums, valve bodies, shafts, sun shells and more.

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scooter cvt transmission parts

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Compression Spring M7 Circlip M17 Nut M17 Washer M28 Circlip M39 Clutch Nut Oil Seals O-ring 35x38 O-ring 40 Secondary Slider Secondary Slider Guides Secondary Slider Pins Scooters have climbed to high engine capacities and enjoyed by many not only in the city but on the highway. As a result, accelerating with a CVT is incredibly smooth uninterrupted process. When accelerating, the engine at first revs up to its comfortable RPM revolutions per minute range and then remains there while acceleration continues as the ratio changes to make wheel RPM faster while engine RPM remains the same.

This of course is not the case when riding on a motorcycle using the traditional transmission. The whole driving force in this system uses a belt between two pulleys—the effective radii are variable, changing according to the speed of the scooter; one radius increasing while the other decreases, accommodating its constant belt length.

These belts stretch over time and as they loosen, slip and fail to transmit power to the wheel. Belt replacement is a standard maintenance task of the CVT powered motorbike. This is achieved because the driving shaft maintains a constant angular velocity over a range of output velocities.

CVT Transmission is Incredibly Smooth Uninterrupted Process This of course is not the case when riding on a motorcycle using the traditional transmission. No Comments Yet Comments are closed.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

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A wide variety of scooter cvt transmission options are available to you, There are suppliers who sells scooter cvt transmission on Alibaba. Related Search: belt for cvt cvt transmission parts gy6 cvt scooter clutch cvt transmission to scooter car cvt cvt oil china cvt transmission belt belt CVT Mini oil pump assembly from up. An external gear pump. The discharged volume is about 10 cm3 per revolution.

Provide System pressure 40 to 50 bar. Mini Cooper oil filter cvt transmission. Oil pan gasket for the cvt mini cooper transmission. Torque sensor with shift rod. Printable version.

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scooter cvt transmission parts

BMW Mini transmission in exchange! Clutch Solenoid Mini cvt-transmission. Quantity 1 2 3. Clutch steel plate. CVT Mini driven pulley.Transtar tries to match the OE for each specific application. Most kits feature frictions from Borg Warner or Exedy. Some kits feature an improved selection to help correct common issues experienced with OE parts. It would be easier to list the transmission applications that they don't fit!

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For example, high pressures and temperatures in the variator pulleys require sealing rings to be manufactured using premium materials. TransTec kits feature more of the same transmission components that are supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers globally than any other aftermarket brand.

Available Kits: Honda.

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P, P, P XALN, K FAQ What brands of frictions are featured in a Transtar box kit? What applications do these kits fit? What do I do if I can't find a kit for my specific application?

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