Linndrum samples

The LinnDrum was the second machine from Linn Electronics. It's basically an upgraded version of the original LM-1 with added crash and ride cymbals to the kit. The LinnDrum uses samples of acoustic drum sounds. At the time, they sounded great and much more realistic and they were a fresh alternative to the analog drum sounds of the '80's drum machines. The LinnDrum also had a handy upgrade option, a well designed layout and interface, and live drum trigger inputs.

The LinnDrum had beefed up the sampled sounds from 28 to a 35kHz sample rate.

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It features 15 sounds including bass, snare, rimshot, hihat, crash, ride, three toms, cabasa, tambourine, high and low congas, cowbell, and clap.

Up to 12 sounds are available simultaneously. Individual controls are available to tune, pan, and mix each drum sound via dedicated knobs and sliders.

An Accent is available for the kick, snare and hats. The handy upgrade options involve inserting new chips containing new sets of sampled drum sounds created by many session drummers of the time. The sequencer had some innovative features for the time such as swing, quantizing and memory storage!

Two-bar patterns can be recorded in real or step time, with or without quantizing. There are 56 user patterns for storing your drum patterns. There are also 42 preset drum patterns. Patterns can be arranged into Songs for which there are 49 memory locations. Old songs and patterns can be off-loaded to cassette tape for storage. Designed for the studio, there are 15 individual outputs for each sound around the back as well as external sync and trigger but no MIDI unless modified by a 3rd party.

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The LinnDrum's features made it the most professional drum machine of its time. It was widely used throughout the s and there are about 5, of them which have been used by professionals such as Sting, Prince, Jean-Michel Jarre, Sheila E.

linndrum samples

Linn Electronics LinnDrum. VSE Rating. User Rating. Check Prices. No related topics found We could not automagically find any related forum topics for this synth, but please browse the forum and look around or consider signing up and posting something yourself! Dave Smith Instruments. Linn Electronics. Movement MCS. Sequential Circuits. View the discussion thread. Audio Clip 1 A couple demos of the Linn's various drum sets.

From the Future Music CD, issue Your browser does not support the audio element. Polyphony - 12 sampled sounds. Samples - 35kHz Samples: bass, snare, rimshot, hihat, 3 toms, crash, ride, cabasa, tambourine, high and low congas, cowbell, claps. Patterns - 42 preset, 56 user patterns.

Songs - Keyboard - none. Control - Tape, Sync, and Clock.Download Sample pack. A wonderful sample pack reeks of the 80s. Hands down, as a musician myself I have to say that the Linndrum is a personal favourite and one of the great drum machines ever made. Sounds from the linndrum drum machine are wonderful kitsch and has a very plastic tonality.

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The Linndrum is widely used by independent artists just because it the sounds are easy manipulate and has this trademarked strength to them.

This sample pack has been sampled from an original drum machine. I love these drum samples since they remind me of contemporary artists such as Com Truise and John Maus. Especially the congas in this sample pack have a great tone to it, which is perfect to pitch and EQ. This sample pack is totally free to download from drumkito.

The LinnDrum was manufactured by Linn Electronics between and However, The LM-1 was the first drum machine to use samples of a real drum kit, Roger Linn confirms that it was indeed Art Wood session drummer that played the majority of the sounds that he used.

Borrowed from thevinylfactory. Video shown is borrowed from RetroSound on youtube. Give them some love and subscribe! Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. LinnDrum Sample Pack.The download contains 2 drum racks, each with a different way of blending the analog distortion — and LinnDrum samples in total. The LinnDrum is the bigger brother of the LM-1 — the first ever digital drum machine to use samples of acoustic drums instead of synthesis as the sound source.

The source sounds are straight, classic and pure. The overdriven versions go from subtle to scorched. We also added a few wackily-tweaked hits, particularly the Toms, just for good measure. Track 1 the overdrive is in parallel, Track 2 in series. In the download you will find 2 drum racks — each lets you dial through the different LinnDrum samples of each drum type: kick drums, snare drums, claps etc.

There are 16 sound types, and a total of LinnDrum samples to choose from. We replaced the samples, added sample-selector dials for each sound, and added settings for blending in the overdrive. If you own a Push, you know how much fun it is for making beats with. Blog Shop Community. School Blog Sounds and Downloads.The LinnDrum is a drum machine manufactured by Linn Electronics between and About 5, units were sold.

Its high-quality samples, flexibility and affordability made the LinnDrum popular; it sold far more units than its predecessor the LM-1 and its successor the Linn combined. When Linn Electronics closed inForat Electronics purchased its assets [3] and offered service, sounds and modifications for the LinnDrum.

Like the LM-1, it provided a sequencer for programming rhythm patterns, a built-in mixer and individual output jacks for each sound. The LinnDrum improved on the LM-1 in many ways including: the addition of crash and ride cymbal samples, five external trigger inputs and the ability to replace built-in sounds with new sounds on EPROM chips. While on the LinnDrum only the snare and rimshot can be tuned together, and the tom and conga samples can be tuned separately.

The Hi-Hats can also have the decay adjusted allowing for a wide range of uses. The LM-1, on the other hand, allows every sound to be individually tuned. Although, if a user desires more tuning capabilities, a third-party modification can be made to allow for everything to be tuned. The LinnDrum was designed by Roger Linn.

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According to Linn, his company started out as a one-product company, depending on the success of the LM He was inspired to design a successor after a NAMM show where he met Roland Corporation founder Ikutaro Kakehashiwho encouraged him to "move beyond being a one-product company so that a slowdown of my one product does not take the company down". According to some, [ who? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved 6 March Roger Linn Designs. Retrieved 7 March Retrieved 23 April Roger Linn.

linndrum samples

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Wikimedia Commons. LinnDrum digital drum machine. Linn Electronics.Also known as the LM2, this drum machine has made its way through countless 80s hits. There were things I just didn't know yet - that the congas on this unit were actually LM1 congas. Yet as unfaithful as this sampling process was, it was full of character that's proven impossible to recreate - especially the re-pitched tape hits, and the SSL processing. In music I've learned to never try to re-track anything at a better studio - because that magic and emotion is impossible to replicate, and is more important than the actual quality.

Our goal: to create a more faithful and comprehensive Lindrum sample library. Where tuning was available, we hand-pitched every feasible knob position, eventually narrowing these down to a more manageable number. So, we'd pop the Clap in the Snare Drum slot, and tune it.

LinnDrum Essential 80s Beats part 2 (Korg Electribe) - Harlem Nights

We did this for every drum voice. One of the best parts of the Lin is the Hi Hat decay - so we made sure to multi-sample this. They are short and sweet! Inmy approach to processing was to just do what sounded good - use as many types of gear as necessary, shorten things with gates, filter stuff, distort, compress, use different EQs. The Lindrum sounds themselves are actually very distorted. For something like the clap, where the sustain is really loud, we actually wanted to "un-saturate" it.

linndrum samples

Then, a couple years later I got really into saturation and making things loud sometimes at the expense of punch. Finally, I've learned that compression and saturation together can be used as somewhat opposite processes to balance each other out. Compression is great because it makes things super punchy - but, if you're just using compression on everything, your mix won't be loud enough, and will suffer in the mastering.

Speaking of which, everything is mapped nicely in a bunch of different formats. The Ableton rack allows you to use knobs to select Lindrum pitching, decay, and different versions of the color samples. And after years of hard work, I've been able to slowly make that a reality aka not rent stuff anymore!

All of our products feature a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. Checkout Cart 0 My Account. People Also Bought. Recently Viewed Products. Get Free Samples Subscribe and get free samples and discounts delivered to your inbox.Beat Dissected is a regular series in which we deconstruct drum patterns, showing you how to program them in any DAW.

Just copy our grid in your own software to recreate the loop. Programming a two-bar four-on-the-floor pattern, we also tweak the envelope, taking down the sustain for a shorter hit which leaves plenty of space for a big bass sound. We then load an EQ on the bass drum, scoop out some of the mids and dip some of the highs with a shelf, taming the more aggressive part of the drum whilst also reducing the transient a little. This will give our beat a more organic, human feel.

We edit the sample in Simpler, taking off some of the start of the sound to give the effect of a faster attack transient.

Linndrum - The Drum Machine

We also take down the sustain for a tighter feel. We then copy our 16th hits to a separate MIDI channel, and extract the groove. Next we add a few percussion hits in the form of a tom and rimshot and a LinnDrum side stick hit. We tweak the envelope of our tom sample, taking off a tiny amount of attack to soften the transient. Then we add an EQ, sweeping off any extreme high and low frequencies to emphasise the core frequencies of the sound without taking up too much space in the mix.

We use the rimshot to add some syncopated hits in the second bar of the loop, again record them in live for a more organic feel, and adding similar EQ as with the tom. The side stick sound plays a couple of loose hits around the rimshot. Next, we add some hi-hats to add some more energy to the groove. We begin with a LinnDrum open hat, programming hits on the off beats. We back the Attack right off, and then add an EQ sweeping away all but the very high frequencies.

This gives more space for other hits — with it being such a busy beat, we need to be careful not to over crowd the mid range.

Free LinnDrum Tape Drum Sample Library

Next we add a LinnDrumm closed hat, programming some shuffly syncopated hits here and there. We pan the closed hat to the left slightly, and the open hat to the right, to give the beat more space and a wider stereo image. Next up, a snare and clap combo for the upbeat. We then add a disco-style clap, again adding hits on the upbeat, but we also do a bit of manual adjustment, placing the hits a tiny amount before the snare.

We also vary the timing for each hit, creating a live and organic feel. The final step is to add some group processing. Your email address will not be published. Attack Magazine is funded by advertising revenue. To help support our original content, please consider whitelisting Attack in your ad blocker software. Find out how. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Pull the project from Blend below to download the samples.Sharoozan UK-based electronic music artist, DJ and producer — has announced us about the release of a free sample pack featuring a sampled LinnDrum vintage drum machine.

The freebie contains 88 drum samples including some snares, toms, congas and hihats variations, as well as a bass drum, crash, sidestick, clap, cowbell, tambourine and cabasa sample. The story behind this package is captivating. The samples were recorded from a LinnDrum drum machine, which apparently used to belong to music producer Mark Ronson.

Sharooz is the founder of Sample Magic and he has remixed a wide range of artists including Moby and Robyn, so expect some high quality samples.

The download size is 8MB, when extracted, the pack weighs in at 14MB. All the audio material is delivered in bit WAV format and royalty free.

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linndrum samples

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Download 88 free LinnDrum samples by Sharooz

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